Guillaume Ribe

About me

The call

My name is Guillaume RIBE. Today author, poet and psychopomp companion, I started my career as a director and creative writer in a corporate (video games) as well as in a associative (theater, TV, cinema) setting. With time, my range of expertise vastly increased to assist comedians, singers, painters, and creators from all walks of life. On the way, I helped them to develop their own ‘worldview’ by reconnecting their purpose to the realm of archetypes and their vision to the bottomless well of the collective unconscious. But as any other creative work, the main focus was to undertake a journey in order to bring back something from the abyss, not yet to hand over an Ô so complex and multi-layered self to the void lurking beyond.

The levels

The years passing by, I started to take interest in this dark, too often threatening frontier. I switched to literature – novels and poetry – so as to share the experiences and thoughts I had on the way with the greatest number. Through fiction, lyrics, and storytelling in general, I strived – and still do – to draw the outline of a new approach, at the crossroad of many systems (past and current), philosophical cosmogonies, psychology schools and beliefs already existing.

Guillaume Ribe

Among others : the Hero’s journey metaphor, Gnosis, Alchemy, Psychological Essentialism, C. G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology, Frankl’s Logotherapy, Platonic and Transcendental Idealism, Metaphysics, Solipsism, Conceptualism, Constructivism, Existentialism, Process Philosophy, Erickson’s Development Challenges, Bateson’s Ecology of the Mind, Dąbrowski’s Positive Disintegration Theory, Maslow’s Self-Transcendence

The gift

I then realised that, in a given social setting, my passion and involvement for these matters were especially acknowledged by people that had a peculiar experience of life, went through loss, grief, narrowly escaped death themselves, or were soon to meet their end… I was speaking in terms they could relate to. I was speaking in terms they needed, in terms they were longing for.

The path forward

First startled, then concerned by the fact that those subjects were obviously not addressed anymore by their historical representatives in a way that would allow the modern seeker to make them his own, I decided to transform this interest of mine into a professional activity. Restoring meanings, soothing sorrows, sometimes providing insights one could at long last make his own, or ultimately go against… I offer to finally readdress finality, absoluteness, and propose to those needing it to calm their waters. Just enough for them to feel right with the journey. Just enough for them to, in time, go serenely through their own hero’s end.

From interest to responsibility

Parallel to this personal process, I always have been sensitive to the great questions of our time, defying our future. Energy, ecology, technology, economy… my intuition letting me envision that these challenges would not find dedicated solutions without them excluding one another, I decided to start thinking in depth not only about those transitions and what they would ask of us, but also about what was hiding behind the fact that we put ourselves in the position to have to implement them. Finding in these considerations an obvious bridge with those of the interest I always had, and pointing out the fear of death as a determining factor on these matters, I soon started to participate or organise conferences and seminars at the local level, addressing the roots of our ills and – core of my expertise – the leads to follow in order to free ourselves of the patterns making us morally and emotionally dependent of our systems.