In search of the peace of mind

My spiritual accompaniment aims at supporting those who, getting close to the end, actively seek a meaning for their life, as well as relatives, who might have a hard time making sense of the loss of their loved ones. Finally, my accompaniment goes also to those who, haunted by the relative imminence of the last journey, forgot how to live in the process or, at the polar opposite, for too long made of a stereotypical life their frail getaway.

It is important to take into account the prerequisites of my psychopomp approach. My model has been developed while keeping the western culture in mind and offers to support in the preparation of their journey any soul raised in and by the occidental world.

Belonging to this somewhat restrictive but still vast part of the world is of the utmost importance in order for my accompaniment to be fully effective, since the metaphors and symbols we will be relying on have to be familiar, in their definition and scope, to both parties.

To share a culture, why is it so important ?

Symbols and metaphors are shared by the entirety of mankind, but the way they manifest changes drastically from one culture to the next. If some are almost ‘universal’ (like the circle to represent, among other things, the state of being whole) most of them are heavily dependant from the culture one grew in. The experiences might be similar, the phenomenons giving them birth identical ; their manifestation, complexity, entanglement are but as diverse as they can be. And here enters the importance of speaking the same ‘language’ : on a daily basis, every single one of us charges those symbols with Emotional Cultural Knowledge, learnt values and experiences, which makes it so difficult to communicate being sure that everyone around the table ‘gets’ what we are talking about.

Prerequisites of my psychopomp approach

When addressing death, that is in itself a highly abstract subject, rooted on heavy symbolism, it is crucial to exclude as much interferences as possible ; interferences such as culture differences that, delicate to deal with, might lead us astray and prevent a productive and pleasant experience for the one seeking guidance.