What my psychopomp companion praxis offers

What my psychopomp companion praxis offers

To who is willing to prepare him or herself to the hero’s last journey, I offer different solutions:

  • Consultations
    • Home consultations, I offer to come to your place.
    • Phone/Internet consultations, on screen or by phone, this offer is available worldwide.
  • Retreats and seminars
    • Retreats where, together at my office and over the course of a full day, we work intensively toward your radical change of outlook.
    • On demand seminars, on demand, everywhere in the world, directed at people interested in the concept and eventually wanting to develop a praxis of their own, or extend theirs.

The prises of each solutions can be found following > this link <

Important note about the consultations

Since what I offer is by no mean a therapy, my consultations don’t have for goal to repeat over a long period of time. The changes are felt quite fast and an average amount of 4 to 7 sessions are usually enough. However, each person being unique, there is no clear rule and I’m ready to spiritually assist, for as long as necessary, anyone willing to depart in the best conditions, or relatives having troubles with coping with those departs.