What is a psychopomp companion?

What is a psychopomp companion

The delicate art of defining

Psychopomp companion, spiritual accompanist, end-of-life coach, ferryman… no definite qualificative exist to depict the nature of the service I’m providing today. For centuries, and still today, it was considered to be part of the ‘art’ of a priest, a shaman, or any other custodians of a fitting, ethnological ‘truth’.

Both ancestral and resolutely contemporary

At the dawn of the psychopomp accompaniment is an approch born from the meeting of two thoughts, spiritual and holistic. An approch directed at two different groups of people.

  • First, the one of the person reaching the end of the journey and seeking meaning along the way, as well as the close ones facing this imminent fatality on which they have no say.
  • Second, as important and in growing number, the one of people of all ages and walks of life concerned with the future of our civilisation and sensing that the great challenges in front of us will not only find their answers in a radical change of our ways of life, but also in our relation to death, both being entagled as they are. However, my approach could not be further away from the expected mechanisms of the old and failing way, attempting to blame, shame, scare and force repentance of the ones that are pushing my door. It has been tried by many… and never led to anything else than making things worste.

My approach

My approach rather goes in the direction of the discovery of the self as well as the phenomenons of which it depends. It’s about opening the book that one has always been and will remain, while never taking the time to actually read. About discovering how well the chapters are arranged, the richness of the content. About unravelling what our tale was about, an how it can find its place in a saga which exceeds us. A song, a dance, a myth… meaning is our to grasp as there is for sure no single right answer. And it changes everything!